A1 S1 

Going From Bad to Worse

Sam sitting alone in his room talking to picture of his departed wife. 
Loud bell goes off and he joins others going down ramp to dining hall.  

Meet Sam, Jessica, and Hank. 
others include hearst driver/cook and manager. 

A1 S2 

Breakfast with Fanny

Meet Fanny, newest resident

The group talks about the new rules and how bad the nursing home is.  

Meet Derrick Wright, the new tour driver - he describes his bus. 

A1 S3 

What's with the bus?

Sam notices some odd things about the bus. Derrick explains it's history. 

We get to the pawn shop where Derrick saves Sam's medals.

They go to the Buffalo Jump

Fanny clicks into Sam's depression.  Give hims idea to go on a trip. 

A1 S4

Cannibis Mirabilis

Derrick talks about his experiences as a gospel rock guitarist and this special wild cannabis mirabilis that grows in southern BC.  It might fix what's ailing them.  
Can they trust Derrick.  Is he hiding criminal connections in Canada. 

They agree to go on the trip.  

A1 S5 

Don't Touch That Button

Don't Touch That Button

The group are helping paint the bus and get ready for their trip.  Sam is interested in the old bus which has a few strange extra compartments and buttons.  

A1 S6

No more Dallas Reruns

Don't Touch That Button

The group load on the bus and say farewll to the staff and head off to Canada on their secret mission to find Cannabis Mirabilis.  


Fanny saves the day going over the border. 

A1 S7 

Oh Can a bus

Don't Touch That Button

Sam suspects that Derrick has a plan to smuggle drugs back into the USA using them as cover.  He confronts Derrick, but he denies it. 

A1 S8

Starry night for romance

Don't Touch That Button

Hank (UFOlogist) notices some strange stellar occurancs and thinks there are UFO's watching them.  
Jessica decides to test Hank's romantic abilities.  

The bus warning lighs go off. 

A2 S5 

Magic Omelette

Derrick wakes to find the group and park warden enjoying the last bit of mushroom omelette prepared by Jessica.  He warns about making fires as it's getting dry.  As he leaves it is revealed the the mushrooms were magic ones.  They hastily pack up and head for Fernie. 

A2 S6

Bingo In Fernie

Arriving in Fernie  the group decide to take in the town and Bingo while Derrick and Sam check out some potential pot farms circled on his map.  They will meet for dinner at Busker's Bar and Grill. 

The ladies get on a roll at the slots.  

A2 S7 

Fernie Fern

Sam and Derrick take the bus up Threes Sisters Mountain and get a bit lost and eventually stumble onto a hidden pot farm.  Inquiries about the pot are instantly rebuffed. 
Derrick notices a girl in the window trying to signal him.  He's disturbed. 
They eventually find some pot and will test it later.  

A2 S8

Sing or do dishes

The ladies and Hank are ordering up a huge meal because it looks like they got lucky at the Bingo.

Derrick comes back and meets his old flame who now asks them for payment of which they are short.  So they have to win the talent show or do dishes.  They get high and win.  

A2 S9 

Evacuation Station

Four days pass with no sign of the Cannabis Mirabilis.  But the ladies have managed to create a cranberry, cannabis and magic mushroom coffee cake which the town can't get enough of. Due to forest fire danger the group must eat each night at Busker's, which suites Derrick just fine.
The evacuation order comes they must leave immediately. 

A2 S10

Rescue on Three Sisters 

When the bus decides to stop in the parking lot of a coffee shop, they realize the girl in the missing poster is the one on Three Sisters.   They must defy orders and go into the fire to rescue her.

They call the police, they are busy

The bus leads the way and they find her tied up as the fire surrounds them.

A2 S11 

Oh Mirabilis

With the girl on the bus they start down the mountain but soon the fire blocks their way.  Suddenly the bus backs up and stalls.  Derrick faints trying to reach the button. Jessica starts praying, Fanny calls on the spirits. Hank gets on his suit and goes on the roof to signal UFO's and Sam takes over driving.  Suddenly a bright purple flare up occurs next to the bus.  A wild patch of Cannabis Mirabilus filling the bus with purple smoke.  
Sam hits the button and the bus goes wild. 

A2 S12

The miracle on Three Sisters

The bus signals for something out there and in a beam of bright light rises up above the flames.  Everything goes black. 

Finale - Look at us now

The Great Cana Bus comes to a stop on the Buffalo Jump.  The sun is rising. Sam steps out in uniform, followed by the group, all showing off their medals.    They look well and happy.  The border dog gets out too.  
It's the anniversary of their miraculous escape.  Each believer had a miracle. Fanny with the border crossing, Jessica with the free meal, and Hank the UFO escape.  Sam fulfilled his final journey.  Derrick reconnected with his past love and is selling records.  Fanny was able to get bit of the potent pot and has a small secret garden at the seniors home, which is guarded by the dog which abandoned its post as they crossed back over the border.  Sales of the cook book mushrooms and marijuana is funding the renovations to nursing home.  They all passed the exam too.  The bus is looking for its new adventure.