Sam( The Colonel) Dent

Sam Den 2t .jpg

Sam Dent or "The Colonel", as he is fondly called by his senior friends at the Splendid Falls Senior Residence, is a proud veteran Marine from the Korean War , ex-stock car
driver, and worked in the textile plant in town before it boarded up.  He has seen a great deal in his lifetime and has always faced challenges head on, that is until his wife of nearly 60 years passed on a year ago.  Since then he has suffered from bouts of depression.  

Derrick Wright (40)

Rock Star

Derrick Wright, is a lovable, pot smoking, broke and out of work, 40-something rock guitarist whose life is in turmoil.  He decides that escorting some innocent seniors, in his customized 1951 Ford short school bus, to the Canadian Rockies to search for an especially potent type of marijuana is something he could get into. Along the way he discovers a great deal about himself, life, love and the importance of believing in each other. 

Fanny Whitewolf

Fanny 2.jpg

Spiritual Botanist
Francis (Fanny) Whitewolf is a Blackfoot woman who has a degree from Montana U in botany and is well known in her area for native medicines.  She is also a Native Spiritualist and wolf whisperer.  Like many First Nations people she is very proud of her heritage and stanchly protective of it.  She is somewhat shy and introspective.  

Hank Ross


UFO Chaser and Astronomist
Hank never married and perhaps it was his obsession with UFO's that prevented it.  These days he spends most of his time on the local Buffalo Jump searching for any signs of the return of the UFO's he saw many years ago.  He has some very peculiar looking equipment and metal suits fashioned to lure them close.  But when it comes to the night sky, he's an expert.  

Jessica Lamb

Pentecost / Baker 
Jessica is a vibrant and always upbeat resident which she claims is the result of her faith and her ability to please others with her award winning baked goods.  She claims that whenever she bakes, she puts the love of God in every bite.  It's her way of putting that love directly into the soul of others.   She is generous outgoing but somewhat reluctant to go too far outside her comfort zone.